A Second Beginning

Well, after spending part of this rainy Sunday afternoon copying my fourteen blog posts from the school blog to this blog for save-keeping, I learned that there’s a beast called a “scraper.” I also learned that Google blacklists “scraper beasts” who copy material onto their blogs when that material is found elsewhere in cyberspace.

Because I don’t want Google to think I’m a beast, and because I realize y’all really don’t want to read stuff here that you can read perfectly well elsewhere, I quickly re-set those copied blog posts to “draft.” Hopefully I acted fast enough to avoid the Google-Trawler-Beast who continually scours the Internet for newly posted trash and treasure.

I’m happy I copied those fourteen posts, though, because now I have them stored permanently in a cyber-place under my control. (Yes, I retained the copyright to those posts.)

In the meantime, I will use this blog for sharing thoughts beyond those shared on the school blog.

My target audience, you ask? My ratings hopes?

Here’s the thing. I’m a grandma, I’m within a year of receiving retirement from my 20 years as an attorney in Ohio, and thankfully (knock on wood (USA) and touch wood (UK)), I never need to apply for another job. My philosophy is that if others like what I write, they’ll spread it. If nobody likes what I write, nobody will spread it. I’ll make sure to plant enough trees on our tree farm in Ohio to offset the carbon footprint of my blogging and other self-indulgent, retirement-related activities.

Speaking of green, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Cropped Wenda Sheard, age 7 years 10 months


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