Dear Mother Nature, About those U.K. floods…

Since I first shared flood photos on Christmas Eve, your skies have poured record amounts of water onto the United Kingdom. We have had the “most exceptional period of rainfall in 248 years” since we humans have been keeping records of your shenanigans. The weather is so topsy-turvy that clouds have been showing up on the ground:.
Unflooded fields for baseball games? Forget it. Train trip to Devon? Rails washed away. Somerset sightseeing? Only by boat. Drive to the grocery store? Take a detour. Drains backing up? No cure but time. Please reconsider whatever you’ve been doing in the United Kingdom, in the USA where my grandchildren can’t play outside due to temperatures as low as -30F in the flipping daytime, and elsewhere around the world where people are suffering from your surprises. In return, I’ll try my best to take better care of you and convince others to do the same.
P.S. Because I’m not sure of your exact address or social media presence, I’m inviting my friends to share widely. Please see below for additional questions, comments, and photos. Thank you.Should I order sandbags for our home?DSC02652
Please tell us soon…should we switch our sports teams from baseball to water polo?
Just what percentage of water will our apples have this year?
A new pond? Are you planning for increases in the numbers of aquatic beings on Earth?
Why do you like ducks and geese more than human beings?
You’re turning our world upside-down. (Silver lining: I’ve been enjoying taking photos of clouds in your puddles and newly-formed ponds.)
Are those unusual clouds your doing or ours? I ask because a friend of mine thinks there’s some sort of human conspiracy involving airplanes and clouds. I’m skeptical, but as long as I’m writing you, I thought I would ask.
Even if you don’t like us humans, please consider the fact that your trees are suffering, and they’re innocent! Thanks for reconsidering your recent, unpleasant weather doings.

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