How to Strip Your Holidays Naked

To help you survive the holidays, here’s a new version of my original Naked Holidays post. I wish you the best as you make choices about how far you wish to strip your holidays naked in order to survive the holiday season.

1. Choose Your Holiday Purpose

As I write this post, cyberspace is filled with shopping deals and with news of the United Nation’s Climate Change Summit in Paris. Talk about mixed messages! Are we supposed to shop till we drop, or are we supposed to reduce our carbon footprint?

To answer that question, I recommend we each choose a purpose for our holidays. Your holiday purpose can include as much or as little of shopping and environmentalism as you wish. You can delve as deep or as shallow as you wish into the reason for the season. Religion? Family? Food? Decorations?  You choose.


2. Choose Your Gift Giving

If you choose to include gifts as part of your holiday, please choose those gifts wisely. Here I’m not just talking about the environmental impacts of the manufacture, shipment, and disposal of things. I’m helping you make sure you won’t regret any credit card bills and storage locker fees that might follow a mountain of gift-giving. For low stress at holiday time and year round, too, make wise gift choices, ok?


3. Choose Your Visitors

To survive the holidays, choose your visitors and visits carefully. But please, as a special favor to me, include grandparents in your holidays. I speak both as a grandmother and as person who misses her own dearly departed parents and grandparents. I also speak as a person who believes that family togetherness is a core purpose of holidays. Whatever you do, though, remember that you have the power to make your own visitor and visit choices from among your family and friends. Here’s a comic I created to help you with your choices:


4. Choose Your Decorations 

If you have children, they might insist on holiday decorations. You, on the other hand, might remember the work involved in decorating and later taking down decorations. You have a choice to make here. You can decorate, or you can ban decorations, or, surprise: you can allow your children to do all the decorating. If you don’t trust your children to take down the decorations in a timely and tidy manner after the holidays, I suggest you require a decoration deposit.


5. Choose Your Food

I’m guessing you don’t want to gain weight or live with sugared-up children bouncing off the walls this holiday season. Right? If so, you have choices to make. And those choices start with your grocery list. Here’s the thing: If you don’t bring sugary treats into your home, you and your children won’t eat them.

Instead of splurging on holiday treats, how about splurging on those nutritious items that cost more than you’re usually willing to pay? Go ahead, buy the ingredients for the salad of your dreams, or the fruit arrangement of your wildest imagination. I promise your kids will survive. Who knows, they might even enjoy your nutritious grocery store splurges!


6. Choose Your Events

You have the choice to decline holiday invitations. Invitations are choices, not commands. You don’t need to attend zillions of holiday events. Except, of course, if the events include your children. Then sorry, you’re stuck. There’s simply no escaping school holiday concerts and piano recitals involving your kids, except, maybe via earplugs.

The Holiday Calendar Beast


Let’s all aspire to serenity-filled, relaxing holidays. We have the power to choose how much to strip our holidays naked, down to their relaxing cores. I leave you with this holiday prayer:

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 6.49.05 PM


Acknowledgements and Credits

I created the comics via the Comic-O-Matic website of Nina Paley and Margo Burns. (Thanks!)

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