New Report on the Emotional and Mental Health Issues of Children

I am proud to announce the January 15, 2016, release of a major report by Potential Plus UK (the operating name of the UK’s The National Association for Gifted Children) about the emotional and mental health issues of high learning potential children in the UK. The report includes the same high quality work that I greatly appreciated during my years (2010-2014) serving as a trustee of that organization while I was living in England.

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From the press release about the report:

“The report, ‘Too Much, Too Soon’ is based on a survey of 338 children and parents between 2010 and 2015. It found that the number of high learning potential children with emotional and mental health issues is on the increase. In particular:

 In 2010, 7% of these children were extremely concerned about things that in the past hadn’t concerned them. By 2015, that figure had risen to 30%.
 In 2010, 28% of children had experienced no fun at all during the previous week playing with other children. By 2015, that figure had risen to 40%.
 In 2010, 10% of children felt they were lonely a lot. By 2015, that percentage had doubled to 20% of high learning potential children.
 The youngest child reporting emotional health issues was four years old.
 58% of children recognised that ‘people seem to accept lower expectations of me than I do of myself’ and 27% said they felt strongly or extremely strongly that ‘If I fail at school I am a failure as a person.’”

The 38 pages of the report include nine key recommendations, many of which are relevant to education systems and families in the USA and in other countries. I highly recommend the report, and hope the research leading to the report will be replicated in the USA. Please let me know if you are a researcher interested in replication.

Many thanks to Denise Yates, Rebecca Howell, the Potential Plus UK Trustees, and others who made this report possible.

Note: I created the graphic above and posted my remarks here mainly for purposes of social media sharing. Please share the report further in whatever manner you find best for your audience.